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Diagram needed for different cam & cable setups

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I'm doing a bit of research on the different types of cams, and remembered that I've once came across a brilliant diagram of how the strings are arranged.

It was a break-apart diagram of single, double, and hybrid cams. (maybe the x-system as well, I didn't pay much attention)
It shows the shape of the string and cables when they're in the cam (but without the cam)

The thing is, now that I want to take a closer look at it, I can't find it...

Anyone know which diagram I'm talking about?
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No one?:sad:

Here's a example of what I'm talking about.

This is for the Martin Dyna Cam.
I grabbed this one off the Martin website.
The single/double/hybrid ones I was talking about have the cams and strings side by side.
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