Thank you for looking! This is my first time selling on AT. I am a member of Rockslide and Ebay if you would like feedback or me to have references reach out to you. I have made many purchases on here as well the last few weeks so happy to see if those sellers can help vouch as well.

I am selling a Diamond Deploy SB 60# carbon loaded. The poundage rating is 50-60 lbs and the draw length can be adjusted with just using allen tools. This bow is in good condition. It is used but overall looks very nice. When I look it over in detail you have to hunt to see any small blemish from normal use. The most notable is on the Hamskea rest as I think their screwdriver nicked the black paint when installing. They also checked the cam timing when installing the rest.

Rest: Hamskea Primer that was installed in December by an archery shop. Bought new.
Stabilizer: Wick Stick 8inch Hybrid stabilizer I purchased off AT
Sight: Tru Glo single pin sight. This sight is in okay shape. I have some tapes remaining and had to install a new screw on it. I am factoring the value at around $30 for this. Bought new
Cable Slide: I upgraded this with the Saunders Hyper Glide. Bought new.
Quiver: Very basic Tophy Ridge 4 arrow quiver. Off old bow.
Strings: The strings are factory. The shop said they look just fine and I am no expert so I would suggest eventually needing new strings here. The D loop is a 3/16th G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep.

To me the value is in the bow and the rest. All the other add ons I am not factoring in much.


Bow with everything mentioned: $550 TYD. I will ship UPS insured and have tracking emailed to you.

Please PM if you have any questions about options for purchase or want more pics. I would prefer to sell everything together if possible. I would consider dropping off the sight and perhaps the stabilizer as well. I also have some Carbon Express Pile Driver arrows for this bow if you are wanting arrows but I figured most individuals are wanting to tune with their own arrows.

Lastly I will set to your desired draw length and for payment can handle most options but prefer Paypal or MO. I will cover fees. Thanks again for looking and I am really enjoying this community.