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diamond nitrous real world speed

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I'm interested in buying a Diamond nitrous and was wondering if anyone has shot one through a chronograph and knows the real speed that it shoots. I know that the ibo speed is listed at 310-318, but that doesn't mean a lot. If you have any real numbers could you share them along with the draw weight and arrow weight. thanks in advance!!
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I just bought a Diamond/Bowtech Nitrous and just got it back from being set-up.It is set-up @ 70 lbs with a 29 in draw and a loop.I had a QAD Pro HD drop-away rest put on.With my Carbon Express Maxima 350's cut at 28.5 inches with a 100 grain tip they weigh 385 grains.I only shot it 4 times through the Chrony at the shop,it shot 305,306,306,306 fps.This was with the factory string and silencers with a loop and a Vibekiller from Coolhandluke here on Archerytalk.It is a very nice,shock free,very easy drawing bow (70lbs feels like 60 to me).Hope this helps. ----------- Rich
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