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Diamond Rapture chrono report

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2005 Diamond Rapture

60 lbs
27 inches

D-loop, 2 sims vibration dampeners, peep, one brass knock

Unknown brand of arrow (one my grandfather had laying around)- 362 grains - 260 fps

PSE Carbon 300 - 362.5 grains - 238 fps

PSE Carbon 200 - 344 grains - 256 fps
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A friend is shooting an '05 Rapture at 60# and 27". He is shooting 26" GT XT 3555s with 100 grain heads and 4" vanes at 254fps. I am not sure of his arrow weight. But he has one of those God-awful giant peeps with the amber lens and an alignment tube. Once he loses that he will get a few more feet per second, I am sure. Your nubers seem odd, though, because the first arrow was so much faster and it shouldn't have been. Only weight is the issue, not spine.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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