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Went to Scheels last month and shot a Hoyt Alpha Max before I purchased my Katera, they had a brand new Axcel Armortech HD sight on it and loved the sight, any way talked to them about selling just the sight, and they had it marked on the bow for 70.00 and he said he would sell just the sight for that, I didn't know much about the sight so I told them I would think about it and let them know, well after looking on ebay and AT to find a better deal, I realized that the sight would retail for 199.99 and I wouldn't find one for much cheaper than 150.00

So today I walk back into Scheels and told them I wanted the sight, well the assistant manager that told me he would sell it to me for 70.00 wasn't there and the boys at the bow counter told me I was crazy thinkin that I would be able to buy a 200.00 sight for 70.00, well after a phone call to the assistant manager that told me that and talking to the store manager, I walked out of the store with a Axcell Armortech HD for 70.00:shade:

I have to say Scheels has GREAT customer service and they have my bussines for Life. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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