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Dreaming of the 2012 elk season already? If you're like me, you probably are!

Use these next 8 months to get yourself ready to capitalize on whatever situation presents itself this next season, and make sure you turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android into a valuable hunting asset by downloading the Elk Hunter's Strategy App!

On these devices, the App is a stand-alone tool that requires no cell service or internet connection what-so-ever; if you can turn your phone on, you can use the App and have all the strategies ready to go in the palm of your hand.

On other mobile devices, it can be accessed in the field - through the website - if you have cell service and either a strong Edge signal, or anything 3G or better.

Tired of Tag Soup? ...Put a little MEAT in your diet!!!

Chris Roe - Roe Hunting Resources
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