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Theres a lot of chargers on the market, they start at a few dollars and go up into the hundreds. Ive ran the cheaper ones for years and recently with new batteries purchased I decided it was time for something that could actually tell me the condition of a battery, not just ok its charged to god only knows what.

I wanted the powerex mh-c9000 wizard, which is considered a top dog in consumer chargers. However in my search I came across great reviews on the IQ-328, a charger with similar functionality for about half the cost.

These higher end chargers allow you to see the voltage, mah or ma in the battery when charging terminates as well as select charge and discharge rates. They also have what is considered a break in function where it takes the battery to full charge, measures it, discharges and charges again repeating this till it can get the most out of your battery.

I took a brand new set of my imedions and went to work. The first time I set the charger to discharge at a rate of 500ma and charge at 1000ma. When the batteries reached a full charge(1.47v termination) they had right around 1000mah in them. Thats under HALF of their recommended capacity. I knocked them back down and took them with a 200 discharge 400 charge. I took that same set to 2500mah. Now, some of that couldve been the fact these were new, but im gonna guess the charger terminated early as the peak voltage hit before max capacity.

Theres a ton of theory about fast vs slow charging and discharging, what is best, storage... you will need to dive into that as much as you wish to know. Just know this, if youre using a charger which gives you no control or information about the battery, you are likely getting wild swings in results from rechargeables. You might have even sworn them off at this point. You could have once cell thats not holding but a mediocre charge dragging down your entire array of batteries and you could end up chucking them all when only one cell was the problem.

For $29, if you run rechargeables in your cams or other devices, you owe it to yourself to see what a good charger can do for you!
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