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Different cams for Elite Hunter?

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My elite hunter ESX cams are bad. Have spent 2 days looking through forums, Facebook groups, scouring the internet trying to find ESX cams with no luck. Wondering if anyone has used a different elite cam on a hunter with any luck. It’s opening day in a week and I’m running out of ideas. I have read guys have used different cams on the Elite tour, replaced with victory cams, but in doing so have lost 10 lbs. Any ideas?
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I have used Rev cams on a 13' Hunter with 13' factory limbs, and Rev cams on a 13' Hunter with Energy limbs... different results on both, both shot fantastic. Custom string & cable lengths required obviously. The 13' Hunter with 13' 105def limbs gained about 10lbs draw weight, and the Energy series limbs (don't remember which deflection used) gained about 5+ pounds of draw weight. The ESX cam swap on the 12' Hunter, would have different results because the riser design establishes a less parallel limb design than the 13' Hunter riser, so you would end up with probably a little less draw weight gain using Rev cams.... trial and error. Biggest thing is to be careful on your custom string/cable lengths, as cables that are too short may over rotate and lockup your cams.
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