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i seen in someones pics of there bow a home made bow vice very close to the ones i see at the "pro-shop". its the ball (looked like a pool ball) and a clamp. anybody have a link for something like this? he said he did it himself, but never answered me when i asked how or for a link. also need to know what portable press will work on 2016 hoyt Defiant Turbo. (has huge cam and the beyond parellel limbs). i was thinking about buying Synunm Archery Portable Bow Press but then seen this
synunm-archery-ultraflex-adapters on landcaster archery -wont let me post the link
and now im completely confused.any help on the DIY vice and info on what Portable press can be used would make worlds of difference in my wallet and day to day life. i have 3 people and me that all got into archery a few months back and they all depend on me to fix tie adjust and plain out help them with anything i can. with the 2 tools and some research i can not only save us money but most importantly, KEEP US SHOOTING. thanks again and hope for some answers. im getting desperate.
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