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DIY NASP practice target.

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We have another new DIY target coming soon. NASP target faces are about 31'' across. Instead of wearing out the center of a target and then replacing the target, there has to be a better way. We have put off making NASP targets because the theme of our targets is long-lasting and inexpensive.
Using the same materials as we do in the Rag Bag, we decided to make blank 36'' skins. If the archer pins their target to the top left of the center they can get well over 1,000 shots before it starts to wear. Then move the target face to the top right of the center and get over another 1,000 shots. Then bottom left, bottom right, and finally in the center. This will give the archer well over 5,000 on just the front. Then turn it around and repeat on the back for another 5,000 shots.
The target comes with instruction to build a fairly lightweight target to stop arrows from a 30-pound bow. If you want to build a target to stop 500 fps bows just build the target 18'' deep. :)