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Hi All,

New to the whole Crossbow thing and recently purchased an 80Lb Pistol Crossbow (was about to go for a 175Lb but thought I would start easy!).
I currently have 48 x 6.5in Bolts, and I'm genuinley surprised by how little accessories are available! I've tried searching for quivers, but I amn't looking for the typical over the shouler quiver, and most are for full length bow arrows anyway. I'm currently keeping them in an old pencil case (!?).
I've googled this very question and the only video result was a guy who had made a duct tape arm holster which isn't really what Im looking for.
I've been looking at cutting up old drainpipe, or cardboard postage tubes etc - just wanting to see if anyone has been here already and found a good storage system!
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