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"If you want to add a loop AND maintain your current anchor point, then you are correct, you have to shorten your draw length up to do that. "

Isnt that what it is about. Why not just get a 30" and use the back of your ear for a anchor point. Bottom line is you have to either compromise your draw length or anchor pt to use a loop. THAT IS WHAT I DO NOT LIKE. However, you all give sound reasoning for consistancy and I know I want a loop. Just not wanting to stretch myself out any further for anchor pt. That is not going to help my consistency. Sounds like I am down to 27". Have they got a 400FPS bow yet to get me at 300fps with a 380plus hunting arrow without a 6" bH. Thanks, I will probably order a 27"DL
I doubt incorrect draw length is going to help your consistancy either, shorten your release and leave your draw lenght where it's suppose to be.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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