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I find turkeys fairly easy to pattern in the fall...sneaking up on them is another story.
If you can find where they are roosting, slip in well before first light, set up in some natural cover nearby. When you here them wake up and start talkin to each other, let out a few soft yelps to let them know you are there. Then when they fly down (if they don't land right in your lap) give them a loud, long series of yelps.

I have had good luck doing this in the fall.

To your original question...I have no idea if deer will eat wheat seed...
I've never tried this, but I've also heard that when they are flocked up together in the fall to break them up by running in the middle of them. Then set up in some nearby cover and call. After they are broken up, they will try to find each other and get back together. A lot of times, they will come right in.
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