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I've got a Trophy Ridge sight and I started noticing last year that the pins just don't seem to show up as well as they used to. Do the fiber optic pins seem to do that as the years go by ?
Also, anybody got any experience with the trophy ridge pendulum sight. Used to use a Keller years ago and it worked fairly good, but just always wished the pin would show up better.
Thanks !

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Yes all fiber optics fade over time, wich is why there is no warranty on brightness. I was told that next year -'09 -Toxonics will have a sight with lifetime fiber brightness warranty.:)

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Anybody ever use the Trophy Ridge pendulum sight and have any opinions on it?
if you want to change your fibers like i did to the brightest out there.
brightfiber optics.....real bright, nice price, lots of options. I just thought mine were bright before but I didn't have another to compare ...same for same .then I got theirs and wow is only thing that comes to mind.
I think they sponcer or advertize on this forum not sure .
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