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Doinker Stabilizers

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First off...What is the actual reason for a stabilizer? is it for you or recoil? or both

second..anyone use the Doinker 11.5 inch power bar for a hunting stabilizer..seems kinda heavy but should work huh?
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1. To aid in the vertical stabilization of your bow. Some prefer the bow to rest perfectly in your grip, no tilting backwards or forwards.
Some would rather the bow tilt out a little,, its really up to you.

Some bows need more help then others, doesnt mean anything about the bow.

2. As far as vibration reduction? thats also up to you.

I use a 10" Doinker Multi-Rod on a Reflex Caribou xt4000 it needs it.
On my Mathews Conquest no stab is needed. I really prefer the Reflex though, as it is a much smoother bow.
When using such stabs for hunting I also like to use a quick connect.
Good luck with it all though.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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