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Don't shoot the Switchback!!

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Unless you have room in your bow stable for one more!! I've shot several of the new 05 Bowtechs, 04 bowtechs,Outback, ovation, Lx, Xtec, Ar-34 and many more but nothing that I have ever shot can compare to the feel of the Switchback. In one word " AWESOME " so if your not ready to part with 640.00 of your hard earned dollars, trust me, "do not shoot this bow" not even once!! Of coarse, you paper shooting spotties may not appreciate the beauty of this little gem but us 3d'en / hunting types will have to have one, count me in. Oh, bye the way, anyone looking for a x-tec :D
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Compare bows comparable to another

I think the allegiance would be closer to the specs of the switchback....The defender would be compared to the outback...
I heard that the draw was a dream on the new bowtechs,I am smelling stinky cheese if it isn't better,come on ups guy,I want to compare!
Here is the comparision...

pdq 5oh said:
I don't feel at all that the Switchback is better than the Allegiance. I've shot both, too. The switchback barely made 280 at 70#, 29", 400 gr. The Allegiance at 60#, 28", 350 gr shot 286. So apples to apples, the Allegiance will be much faster. As for quiet, recoil, vibration: close enough to call it even. The draw curve on the Switch is very stiff, IMO. Lb for lb, the Allegiance has a smoother draw, with a better wall. Because the Allegiance drops off, rather than builds and breaks over, the perception of no valley is misleading. Let both bows down, and see what I mean. When you get to this level of bow, the differences are mainly personal preference. Mine is the Allegiance.
This is apples to apples here,specs are closer....
The dark archers upset?

What do you mean, weighing rifled bullettips has nothin to do with archery,someone better check there pea?.
I am stating that the specs on the allegiance are far more comparable in aspect to the switchback,than the defender's are....I can read what these specs are stating right here in front of me.
No need to explain what apples to apples means.....
Wow,who gave out the rabbit pills?

I a really in awe at the slashing.
I for one still can't understand all of the reason to get so irrate everytime a new year hits and the new bows come out.
Jack wear boxers ,Johnny wears breifs,if your a real man you'd wear nothing at all.....blah blah blah.
The name on the bow sure does confuse the shooters perception of depth when it belongs on archerytalk.
I do contridict myself because of what I shoot,I know some senior members on here whom love to have there way with me at times because of what I say.
But,this isn't right.
Gonad village has there meeting at there archer proshop on monday nights?Not here pal.
You guys are making my gut burst from diarea of the mouth.
Funny isn't it.
Sure does stink to get some new nice equipment on the market,man what a pitty.
1 - 4 of 70 Posts
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