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Don't shoot the Switchback!!

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Unless you have room in your bow stable for one more!! I've shot several of the new 05 Bowtechs, 04 bowtechs,Outback, ovation, Lx, Xtec, Ar-34 and many more but nothing that I have ever shot can compare to the feel of the Switchback. In one word " AWESOME " so if your not ready to part with 640.00 of your hard earned dollars, trust me, "do not shoot this bow" not even once!! Of coarse, you paper shooting spotties may not appreciate the beauty of this little gem but us 3d'en / hunting types will have to have one, count me in. Oh, bye the way, anyone looking for a x-tec :D
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I just got an outback (used) for at Christmas. I am going to shoot both when the shop gets a switchback in (I'm a lefty so I'm waiting). I am going to use my bow 99% hunting and maybe 1% 3d. My question is to all that have shot both the outback and the switchback, is it worth the upgrade? I know that I have to shoot them and feel what is best for me but for all of you experts out there your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, good hunting,

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