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Don't shoot the Switchback!!

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Unless you have room in your bow stable for one more!! I've shot several of the new 05 Bowtechs, 04 bowtechs,Outback, ovation, Lx, Xtec, Ar-34 and many more but nothing that I have ever shot can compare to the feel of the Switchback. In one word " AWESOME " so if your not ready to part with 640.00 of your hard earned dollars, trust me, "do not shoot this bow" not even once!! Of coarse, you paper shooting spotties may not appreciate the beauty of this little gem but us 3d'en / hunting types will have to have one, count me in. Oh, bye the way, anyone looking for a x-tec :D
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I don't feel at all that the Switchback is better than the Allegiance. I've shot both, too. The switchback barely made 280 at 70#, 29", 400 gr. The Allegiance at 60#, 28", 350 gr shot 286. So apples to apples, the Allegiance will be much faster. As for quiet, recoil, vibration: close enough to call it even. The draw curve on the Switch is very stiff, IMO. Lb for lb, the Allegiance has a smoother draw, with a better wall. Because the Allegiance drops off, rather than builds and breaks over, the perception of no valley is misleading. Let both bows down, and see what I mean. When you get to this level of bow, the differences are mainly personal preference. Mine is the Allegiance.
Well, it might be Fuji to Golden Delicious. Exact specs (Fuji to Fuji) would more favor the Allegiance. Notice both are 50 gr over IBO, and the Allegiance is 1" shorter. What I meant was, bows physical specs were a better comparison, Allegiance to Switchback. :rolleyes:
What's wrong with the comparison? Other than that the Allegiance will be faster, if that matters to you. I merely put down what both bows shot through the chrono. My "apples to apples" comment refered to bow specs re: ATA and brace height, not the two particular bows in question. Could you be any more wrong? :confused:

There...Now I have done a test just like you. I see the light.
But I think, never mind. :rolleyes:
Well there ya go. :)
Just pointing out the obvious to the oblivious. :D :D

Appears to me that all the naysayers have one thing in common in their avatars though
What's wrong with my avatar? :confused:
Yea... speed is everything Besides, didn't the real Matt lay the smackdown on your sacred BT just two years ago at the ATA show ??
That was then. This is now. Just so you know, the BMII was a one off. Oddly enough, no one was allowed to handle or shoot it. Other than the machine.
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