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Double Bull Wild Thing Pack

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Has anybody gotten a chance to handle the new double bull wild thing pack? What are your opinions on it? How does it compare to a Badlands Superday and a Horn Hunter Mainbeam?

I have seen a few ads for it, but wasn't able to get much detail.

Any info is appreciated?
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Dens228 said:
I have one and it was money well spent. I was carrying my blind in an old army alice pack and frame and thought the Wildthing would be a waste of $$$$,
That's also what I thought about buying a Double Bull until I bought one!

Both were excellent investments. The pack does much more than just carry the blind. You can get a video for free that shows all that it does.
:nod: :nod: :nod:

PM The Hairlessone for the video. He will send it to you free. But, you better have $199 ready because the video will make you buy the pack.

I am going to use it this weekend carry some portable stands and steps.

It can do about anything!
MAG00 said:
Sounds like it may very well be a good pack. I am kinda of a organization freak...does it have plenty of pockets and such for organization?

Tax Lawyer - You mentioned in your post $199, but on Double Bull's website it is $229. Is there anotherplae to get this pack and is at a lower price? If so, can you please let me know the website, etc.?

Does anybody know the size of this pack 1500 ci, 2200 ci, ??
It has more pockets than you will ever use.

Rick will sell you one for $199 shipped. :eek:

It is worth it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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