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Doubts about Mongolin bow brace height

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Doubts about Mongolian bow brace height


I'm new here, and I hope I'm posting on the right place. If it's wrong, let me know and I'll put it on the right area.

I bought a mongolian bow 58" 50#@28" and the brace height information didn't came written on the bow. My other 2 bows (a recurve and a longbow) have these information.

I tried to get it from the person I bought it (the bow and the string are new) and he said the BH is 7 3/4. The problem is that to reach this BH I had to twist the string too much - I'm sure it's overtwisted 'cause if a take the tension of a little it starts to roll around itself.

For my other 2 bows a have the informations, and they match some calculations that I read in lots of documentations (I like to study and understand) but for a mongolian bow I don't have any idea how could at least estimate it. Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks for your attention.
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I dont know if this helps but rule of thumb on recurves is ..string length is 4 inches shorter than bow length...this should put you really close to the brace height.
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