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Doug Williams and Copper John

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Just wanted to say a BIG THANKS to Doug and Copper John for what they did.

A while back, I sent Doug an email asking about adjustments to the (old) Stan Micro with the safety lever, and he told me to send it back for exchange as the old model had been recalled.

To be perfectly honest, I was wondering if this was going to take forever as I had bad experiences with waiting times before with other companies, and despite a few e-mail hitch-ups, Doug really came through, and sitting in front of me right now is a BRAND NEW Stan Safeshot!

Thanks once again Doug, for the fantastic service and following through on what you said you would! :thumbs_up
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copper john

I bought their Stan Safeshot and overall it is a well made release. Unfortunately I have a hard time finding a release for my "fat" fingers" The Zenith Big Guy fits but I am partial to the safety equipped releases. Now to marry the two designs??

I am still waiting for their ANTS sight which has been on back order for several months. I expect it is a good thing to have a business with enough demand to have a huge back log and it likely means archery is flourishing. Just wished I had the sight for the indoor season. Sure hope it is worth the wait.
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