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I plan to sell my Hoyt Deviator Compound Bow (mid-late nineties vintage) but lack some information.

It has a redline cam (solocam - RL5-R-HL) and I know it has the 60-70lb limbs as its currently set at 68pounds.

My question is around quoting draw length (and adjustability) for the add. I'm 5'7-1/2" (give or take), shoot a caliper style release for hunting, with NO D-loop. Rough rule of thumb would, therefore suggest my draw length is just shy of 27". Taking some specific measurements I find that if I mark an arrow (at full draw) where my TM hunter style rest hits it, and measure to the bottom of nock groove, I get a measurement of 25.5" if I have the string/cable set at the 1 peg on each side of solocam. If I have the string/cable set at the 3 peg on each side of the solocam, looks like I get about an extra inch.

Given this, what should I quote for draw length for the ad?

Also, anyone know the specific letoff? Think it was advertised at 80% back in the day but I forgot to measure it at the archery shop yesterday.

Thanks in advance for any info here!!!
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