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What is your correct draw length vs. arm span / 2.5 method

  • I just went with arm span / 2.5

    Votes: 6 6.9%
  • my draw length is shorter

    Votes: 23 26.4%
  • my draw length is longer

    Votes: 27 31.0%
  • arm span divided by 2.5 is correct for me

    Votes: 31 35.6%
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No way can someone feel that little of a difference. Given a blind test it would be "hope I guess the right one". Anyone that says that I'm sure can shoot 4" groups at 100 yards and uses the same pin for zero to 40 yards with no drop. It's an old tune when you been around archery for a long time. :sleep:
I didn't think so either until I ran into a guy named "%$#^". After a new set of strings "%$#^" said his draw felt short. He wanted to untwist the shooting string and make it longer. I took 3 twist outa his shooting string. He said it was perfect. Me---I woulnd't have known the difference but now I wonder about his ability to feel his draw length.:wink:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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