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What is your correct draw length vs. arm span / 2.5 method

  • I just went with arm span / 2.5

    Votes: 6 6.9%
  • my draw length is shorter

    Votes: 23 26.4%
  • my draw length is longer

    Votes: 27 31.0%
  • arm span divided by 2.5 is correct for me

    Votes: 31 35.6%
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How many people here have been fitted by a coach/shop for proper draw length vs. arm span divided 2.5 and just rolling with it? Were you shorter or longer? My proper draw length is exactly an inch shorter than my arm span divided by 2.5

I'm new to archery and found that to be odd based on reading about finding your correct draw length. I do have pretty narrow shoulders though. Wondering where I fit in vs everyone else.
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