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I know on PSE's X Force line the extreme loads tend to stretch the strings out a bit and causes a longer draw length, because of this they have went to the america's best strings. they also shortened up the draw on the new hybrid cams and now when you get the bows the draw length should come out between spot on and .25 inches longer than stated.

I think they took some heat on this one from a lot of people and listened. myself I have my X force with Rock Solid Strings and the draw force curve is flat and shooting the 348-349 fps with peep and loop at 30.25" draw

I still don't get why they can't build spot on . Heck even I can make one spot on and I do but I shouldn't have too. it should be spot on from the factory

I have given up buying new bows just for this reason, they ain't really as advertised.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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