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Draw Stop for PSE Baby G Force?

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I need a new draw stop for a PSE Baby G Force. I called PSE and they told me they don't make it anymore. The serial on the cam is LMR-2.

Does anyone know where I can find one and what model/serial # the part is? I called Lancaster Archery already.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't have a pic of the stop. I did read a 10 YEAR OLD thread where a local archery shop was able to fabricate one. But I actually don't even know what the original looked like.
I found a fabricated module on Ebay. Is that the same as a draw stop and can I use that instead of the little side screw draw stop? I cannot post the link to Ebay because the forum will not let me but his is info about it.


PSE Lightning Cam Modules 5R 5L to 9R-9L Choose One Size at Dropdown Menu

Thank you for stopping by!!!!!

The modules and parts available are in drop down menu and the price varies from the listing price. If you want more than one of these modules please use the add to cart button. Please check the shipping rule on the shipping page for multiple purchasing.

You will receive One Lightning Cam single cam module. All the modules are not included. All the PSE Lightning Cam modules I have are listed here at this listing.


The modules in this listing are for the PSE Lightning Cam. The Lightning Cam ID numbers are LMR-2, LML-2, LMR and LML for RH and LH cams. These modules are numbered 5R to 9R for RH and 5L to 9L for LH modules. The modules are RH or LH specific. The 5R or 5L will make the shortest draw length and each module will change the draw length in one inch increments. The Lightning Cam has string posts to fine tune the draw length +/- 1/2 inch and a draw stop is required for the 5R/5L to 8R/8L size modules. The 9R/9L module needs a draw stop if you plan on a 65% let-off on your bow. The LMR or LML cams do not have the 65% let-off option. I have the draw stops available in another listing or ask if you need one. These modules in the short sizes are very difficult to find. The draw stop on the LMR/LML cam corresponds to the module ID number. The LMR-2 / LML-2 or Lightning Cam II draw stops are listed below.

Below are the listed draw lengths your bow may not be exactly the same so it might be best to have the draw length measured then adjust the draw length according to the change each module will make.

Model Draw Length for the LMR/LML Cam on 1998 bows for the 5R module please add one inch per module size for the draw length you need;

T-Bolt, Tazman, Phoenix, Fire-Flite - 27" Baby-G, Scorpion - 26"

Model, Draw length for the 5R/5L module then the draw stop for the LMR2/LML2 cam. The draw stop will decrease by one letter to the 8R size module and add one inch per module size for the draw length you need 1999 - 2002 bows;

T-Bolt - 27" - E, Durango - 27 - G, Tazman - 27 - E, Thunderbolt - 27 - E , Diamondback - 27 - E

Carera - 26 - F, Mach 8 - 26 - E, Stingray - 26- E, Firestorm - 26 - F, Flash - 26 - F

* Included fir the listing price; One R module from the drop down menu of your choice. I will send instructions at request.

* Thank you for your interest and questions are welcomed?????????

* If you would like me to recommend a module please email the following, Bow model, the draw length your bow has now, the draw length you would like and your cam module ID number.

* Please wait for a combined shipping envoice before you pay for multiple purchases if the price is not correct. International buyers may choose the slower Air Mail, if the total weight allows the item to be shipped Air Mail.

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Thanks planopurist. I will email match point right now.
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