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draw weight history

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whats your draw weight history. just wondering how much we drop off when getting older.


12 to 20 35 to 60 lb recurve

20 to 30 didnt shoot

30 to 40 80 to 84 lbs compound

40 to 52 65 lb target 72 lb hunting compound 60lb recurve

55 to 65 ?????????
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I think there's more to it.
As one grows older (my case), bones and joints start to suffer with heavy draw weights, even if it doesn't shows immediatelly.

I was feeling pain in the bow arm (started a few monts after I went back to archery), went to a Dr and was instructed to do a lot of stretches.
Not serious yet, but could become.

And, BTW, I shoot only 45# (but have been using this poundage since I started with recurves, I was about 40 then).
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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