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draw weight history

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whats your draw weight history. just wondering how much we drop off when getting older.


12 to 20 35 to 60 lb recurve

20 to 30 didnt shoot

30 to 40 80 to 84 lbs compound

40 to 52 65 lb target 72 lb hunting compound 60lb recurve

55 to 65 ?????????
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i know i'm shooting slightly more poundage than before for spots, but,......
i shot spots tweny years ago when 35% letoff was the norm. just about everyone shot around 45 lbs. with 1816s the most common arrow, shooting at a single spot.19 or so years later, when i got back into archery, 65% was the most common let off and bigger shafts were the norm and the single spot was all but gone, so there was no concerns about getting five arrows into that small circle. a slight increase in peak draw wieght with the higher let off now gives about the same holding wieght i used earlier, so in some terms, you could say nothing has changed for spots.i was never a big proponent of high poundage and my hunting draw wieght is about the same as before, around 60-65 lbs, depending on arrow flight. in the case of hunting i do like the higher let of todays' bows, it is a little easier to draw ahead of time and wait for the right shot. in my opinion, not much has changed really, i sort of missed out on the big single cam craze and went from a two wheel bow to a two cam bow, so even the basic tuning rules stayed pretty much the same for me.
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