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Draw Weight Increases

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So I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find the answer. My bow is listed as 50# at 28", but I draw 30". It's a longbow, so I know it's not stacking. Does anyone have the formula for weight increase per inch after 28"? I'm looking to get my actual draw weight or something close to it without using a bow scale.
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bb4l -

If the DF curve is anywhere near linear (and it should be on a decent bow), the equation is:

Draw weight marked at 28" /(28 - brace height) = weight change in pounds per inch above or below the weight at 28"

With an 8" brace height (I like round numbers), you get:

50#/(28-8") = 50#/20 = 2.5"/inch.

For your bow that should be about 55#.

Most of the time, dr wt @ 28"/20 is close enogh for gov't work, but a calibrated scale still gets the final vote.

Despite what some people might think, all bows are at 0 draw weight at brace and reach their listed weight at their marked draw length (typically 28"). If the bow hasn't started stacking it's pretttttty rare that it will deviate to far from those numbers.

It's a longbow, so I know it's not stacking.
Don't bet the farm on that :D

Viper1 out.
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