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When using a cord attached to down cable and the the rest is set up to be all the way up 1-2 inches before full draw what happens when it stops moving.
Does the cable stop pulling on the other limb?
I know the cable is moving very little at that point.
Is the cable drawn toward the riser by the cord?
Heres what happened. Installed TrophyTaker rest on a single cam that has always showed a little bit of low tear when shot thru papper with both a Bodoodle Pro Lite and Infinity with tuner blade. After installing the TT had a large 1 inch or so low tear. This was with the nocking point set up exactly as it was ( a little over 1/8 inch high).
First thought is the tuner blade and Bodoodle launchers had always corrected some of the nock travel in the past by deflecting the arrow a little bit, but not enough to cause a high tear since the blade was correct thickness and launchers on Boddodle set very light.
But maybe, the cord stopped the cable from bending the top limb a little bit, yet the cam continues to rotate. Could it be bending the lower limb more? Would this extra deflection cause more of downward swoop when released? I dont know Im just a novice that spends to much time thinking about this stuff.
So since Im using a Winners Choice TRC Shoot thru cable it was easy to put a spring in the connection between rest and cable.
This resulted in papper showing the bows normal 1/8 to 1/4 inch low tear.
Please dont think Im bad mouthing drop aways. Im sold on shoot thru cables, yet I want to keep them as close together as possible to avoid contact with bow arm. With a normal rest Ive gradually moved to smaller and smaller fletching. The purpose of switching to the TT was to shoot 4 vanes with lots of offset or helical for indoor shooting and quick stabilization. So Im willing to play with Murphys law a little and to be honest the TT system seems as solid any.
Im also not nocking solo cams as it looks to me like the same thing would happen with a twin cam. Im pretty sure the low tear originates with nock travel but the bow groups as good as any for me. Thanks
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