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People, help me decide on a rest.
I’m getting a new bow an Extreme VFT. I am trying to decide on a rest.
I like the APA Ultimate rest, I like the design…very simple, plus it contains the arrow while hunting. I’ve always liked the TM hunter rest but never thought it was great for hunting because you really couldn’t nock an arrow and walk around without having to hold it upright or having an arrow holder (which never seemed to really work for me). The APA ultimate appears to be a great hunting rest because you can nock an arrow and the rest actually surrounds the arrow, so when you raise your bow to shoot, it actually slides down onto the two contact points.
But, I am trying to decide if the drop away rests really make that much of a difference. I like simple, especially on my hunting bow, and the drop away rests obviously have a lot of moving parts. So I’m a little skeptical about investing in one. What is the big advantage with a drop away? Are they a fad?
Which one of the rests would you choose and why?
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