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I have a funny story for you, now at least. Was not funny then but luckily this was 25 plus years ago. My high school friend had came to school with a black eye (yes it happened in those days), and of course we all asked him what happened. He said he and another friend were over at his house and his Dad said "Hey, check this new bow out! I saved and waited for 2 years to get it!" It was a beautiful Martin Cougar of some type that all the hunting magazines (In the back of course) were bragging about as being the "Cat's meow" of all bows, smooth, fast, accurate, etc. and it had "cams" to turbocharge the speed. He said he and his friend were in awe and my friend held it for a second or two and then Dad left the room to go to the bathroom or to get a beer or something. When the other friend got to hold the bow, the first thing he did was scale her back to "feel" it, and you guessed it, let her go from full draw. It was louder than a .22 when she went and literally turned the room into smoke as the fiberglass even embedded in the ceiling and furniture and skin. It was common in those days that when someone did something wrong, you ran, even if you weren't the one who did it but you were "there". That is what my friend and the other friend (perp) naturally did right after the near explosion. Dad was so mad literally that he went out the other door faster and had a better angle and caught son with a good right before he made the safety of the car. The other friend had the only good clear thought of the day and kept on running to safety and did not show up at his house for hours until it cooled down. By then, both boys had agreed to replace the bow that took like 6 months of waiting AFTER the money was saved. At $1.60 per hour wages before taxes plus occasional snow shoveling it took months to save the money between the two. Hate to say it, but really just another day in high and jr high school back then.
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Lol the good ol days. Today it would be called a horrible act of child abuse, but I bet you that getting popped and having to work off the money that the bow cost provided the boys with a valueable lesson that stuck with them for life.
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