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If you don't know Detlef Stakelbeck, you don't know enough.
I've owned a long list of the best arrow rests, DS Advantage is by far the best I've ever come across. I now own 3.

Besides all the great things listed above, this rest has a quick removable blade mounting rod that has an adjustable set pin and clamp, so you can purchase a second mount rod. Then you can have multiple blade & rod set up so you can switch arrow sizes without having to retune. Just tune it once and set the clamp and pin. Then every time you switch, it's in precisely the spot you tuned it at. This is the greatest genius about this fine piece of machined excellence. Yes to all the praise listed previous, but switching from 3D arrows to FITA and then to Indoor in minutes and precisely tuned before your first shot ... nothing else like it.

My wife's bow has the DS Advantage sight and scope. Again, simplicity and versatility put together in styĺe with machine work that is second to none.

Detlef doesn't operate like the corporate suppliers, he's an owner/operator...he's the company. I dont think he has a website. Communicate clearly, there is no online store or shopping cart. First, you have to fińd him, then convince him to sell you something specific. It wasn't easy for me to find him 2 years ago, but he is Archery's best kept secret.
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