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Ok, if I change from 80% to 65% will it have an effect on the dynamic spine of my arrow. For example will 65% make an arrow shoot slightly weaker than 80%.
The reason I ask is, I am currently shooting 28" 400 carbons with 100 grn CB Easton target points bow is Drenalin LD 56# 80% let off with fingers, according to Easton chart I am in spec, but they show slightly stiff when shot bare. Fletched arrows group fine but bare shaft is impacting right of group nock left, ( I'm a lefty).
I am changing my cam next week for a 65% and was wondering if this would straighten out my bare shaft and save me buying a new set of shafts. I am maxed out at 56# so winding the bow up isn't an option, I have pretty good form and have ruled out any bad looses.
Any ideas.. Cheers ****
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