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If you like to buy bulk vanes or anything else on ebay beware!!! I recently purchased vanes from the seller: bullseyefeathers. The vanes were advertised as mix/match you choose the color. There was never any where to specify what color I wanted, so after the paypal transaction I immediately sent the guy an ebay message specifying my fletch colors, leaving my direct contact info for him to contact me if there was a problem with the order. 2 days later he sends me an email saying that it was too late, that the order had already shipped. So I replied that he was mistaken and that I would appreciate some help getting the issue resolved. He responds with a nasty email, called me a liar, insinuated that I was illiterate and could not follow directions and left me negative feedback on ebay. He graciously offered to swap colors for me if I shipped the vanes back and paid for return shipping. Total shipping for his "resolution" would have cost as much as the original purchase.
Beware of bullseyefeathers=apexarrows=joepete1947, these sellers are all the same person. His seller rating was very misleading at 99.2% but the new ebay system skews the seller rating because it only counts 1 negative rating if it comes from the same buyer and many people purchase multiple items at the same time. I guess I should have read his feedback as I am certainly not the first this has happened to. I counted over 88 purchases in the past 12 months with similar issues.
This was a $5.95 transaction, I can purchase what I need elsewhere, but this guys attitude and the fact that he keeps getting away with it because of e-bay's feedback system is what really ticks me off. An educated consumer community is the only way we will shut jerks like this guy down. I will be reposting this on texasbowhunter, archerysite, and

Tell your friends to look out for this guy:
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