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Early season mulie monsters

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After spotting an elk sized buck last season I want to try and do some spot stalk and try and find him.
The past winter wasnt too bad so I think a buck like that should still be alive.
Should I just start looking in the coulee where I saw him last november? How far would a mature buck like that travel in 9 or 10 months?
Man I'd love to show up Chuck Adams and shaft that buck!
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I cant argue with ya but i might add, I dont think Chuck has taken a world record muley although I sure he has them in the books. Although he has taken some impressive elk. Actually, TWO amazing elk!
blindfly69 said:
what doesnt chuck have in the books?
I dont think he has taken any beaver yet
jamaro said:
But he will soon..I heard he just got engaged...
Now thats funny. A man can spend his whole life pursuing the right beaver and never see it. Mark another trophy for Chucky!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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