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Early season mulie monsters

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After spotting an elk sized buck last season I want to try and do some spot stalk and try and find him.
The past winter wasnt too bad so I think a buck like that should still be alive.
Should I just start looking in the coulee where I saw him last november? How far would a mature buck like that travel in 9 or 10 months?
Man I'd love to show up Chuck Adams and shaft that buck!
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SilentElk said:
I dont think he has taken any beaver yet
But he will soon..I heard he just got engaged..

About the buck.... it is hard to tell... Did you see him during the rut? If so no telling where he will be in the early season... But that Coulee is probably a good start... I would spend alot of time glassing.. If you are lucky he might be in there and you might be able to pattern him.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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