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Easton ACG 710 (1206/Series A/C3) Arrow shafts = $ 199.99
+ Easton ACG Stainless Stell Break-off points (100-120 gr) (3 are now 100gr, 9 are 120 gr) = $38.04
+ Easton G nock (orange) = $8.04
-----------------------------------------Original Price total = $246.07 + Tax

Practically new (I was in the middle of arrow tuning with these but after being lazy for about 4 months, I already moved to heavier limbs (38) and these are not stiff enough for me / originally intended for 32~34 lbs bow).

Fletching lines marked for spin-wing type vanes. of course, can be used with any vane.
29' is the overall arrow length.

Everything in the picture (except for the tape measure, of course) is yours for $195 with shipping!
Click each picture to enlarge them.

accepts PAYPAL only
within US only

PM me. Thanks.

20140518_195437-1.jpg 20140518_195544.jpg 20140518_195552.jpg 20140518_195535.jpg
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