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Easton Uni Bushings and acetone

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I have always used mostly feathers on aluminum shafts for a long time. So when refletching them, it was always real easy to wipe off the old fletch tite glue on the shafts when you went to refletch. Now that I am re-fletching some alum. shafts with vanes and Goat Tuff, that have uni bushings I was wondering if after removing nock I can just soak the nock end of the shaft in a jar of acetone to help clean off the shaft while the bushing is still installed in the shaft? Would the acetone melt away at the hot melt glue the bushings are glued in with? I don't think it would affect them much for the minute or so they are soaking, but am I wrong? Will I end up with loose bushings?
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anyone else have any thoughts on this.
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