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12 arrows, 4 Fletched

Series A C-4
Shaft length is 29.13" - 29 1/8" (not including pin, nock or point).

100gr Easton X10 Steel Points
Easton X10 Pin Nock
GasPro X10 Wrap in White (12)
GasPro Recurve Efficient Spin Vanes in Clear (4 total arrows).

Bought from a member here, but the shafts were just too short for me even with the longish X10 points. Selling for what I paid - you get the bonus X10 points, 4 arrows fletched with GasPro vanes, and all 12 GasPro wraps.

$335 Shippied CONUS.

If you want to purchase these shafts, PM me an email to send a payment request via PayPal.

Metal Font Steel Pencil

Cutting tool Calligraphy

Musical instrument
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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