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Editorial on the infamous "Martin Girls"

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Thought you guys and gals might enjoy someone else's perspective on the Martin Ads of late.

It's been much debated here...... and sides have been drawn in the past over the Martin Ads.

This is in the Feb. Issue of Bowhunting World magazine. Page 6. From the editor Mike Stradlund


The inquiries I get from readers typically deal with one among three basic issues, and my answers are pretty pat.
"What's the best bow?" ("Sorry, there is no such thing.")
"Where's my magazine?" ("Sorry, let me connect you to circulation.")
"I've got a problem with something in your last issue." ("Sorry.")

In the last year I've been answering a new question more than all others put together. I've honestly gotten more feedback from this than any topic in my 14 years with this magazine.

"Why do you run those ads with disgusting pictures of naked women?"

Yes, some actually put it to me that way and my response is, "I may agree with you to a point but, sorry, I think they have a right to run those ads."

I'm referring of course to the Martin Archery Ad campaign that seems to have captured everyone's attention in one way or another. To me, the young ladies who form the central theme seem wholesome, happy and healthy enough; they certainly seem to be getting all their vitamins and maybe supplements in some cases. To me they seem just typical American females normal but for their particular penchant for Martin bows.

Sure, it's an unusual advertising approach in a bowhunting magazine, and that's where I agree with the complainants. I was personally more impressed with some of Martin's ads in their recent past. I would like to think that Martin could sell more bows with those ads about patriarch Gail Martin's history and family bent, or those hailing the achievements of of their bows in the field or on the target range in the hands of Martin's own awesome bowman George Ryals.

The thing is, they can't.

"We've been in business 50 years and people were thinking of us as an older, conservative company," said president Terry Martin. "We got this idea of a way to show we are young and aggressive, and boom , that took care of it. Our bow sales are up about 25% since we changed our ads."

Most people realize that in the business that's the bottom line. Others think it's not worth the cost they perceive.

"You don't know what it's like to have your own children see those ads...."

"Sorry, I do." My son Brad, at 15, naturally turns that page a little slower than most. My daughter Sara, 10, instinctively scans for fashion tips and thinks it's cool to see a girl shooting a bow for a change. I can't get too concerned, knowing they have been exposed to much more dubious things searching for Sponge Bob Square Pants on satellite TV, and on every trip to the mall.

We find the ads comparatively innocent, though Brad would rather see pictures of really big elk, he says. More generally, we try to minimize taking such things too seriously and maximize our tolerance of other people's ways of doing things and opinions. To that end, we will always welcome yours.

Terry Marin's own stepdaughter Kate is a favorite subject in Martin's recent ad campaign. Kate's mom Donna took the photo.

I found this to be a very interesting perspective from someone in the publishing industry. I thought the article was well written and covers the topic very well.

It proves that whether we as archers agree with the ad campaign or not, it has indeed brought success to Martin.

Personally, I think the latest pics posted by GRIV were in good taste and if that 15 year old would rather look at big elk....... well, I'd have a few questions...... :D

Interesting perspective..... :)
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LMBO longdraw :D

I don't think there are any ugly Martin's.....

heck, look at GRIV......

he's sure got a pretty mouth on him don't he....... :D :D :D

sorry, Deliverance joke....... :rolleyes:
I've seen much worse at the ATA...... or better...... depending on whether or not my wife is with me at the time...... :rolleyes:
G33k..... I agree with your post. I think the author of the article showed that side as well.

They presented both sides very thoughtfully.

I call BS though on the 15 year old that would rather look at elk :D I can almost remember being 15 and couldn't wait for the sears catalog to arrive so I could, well..... nevermind :rolleyes:

That's why I think that if she can for sure shoot...... it's the exception to the rule. And I assume that she can considering that she's indeed a Martin, so to speak.

I can't believe for a minute that someone would actually purchase a bow because Kate is shooting one though...... and let me qualify this statement.

If someone sees the ad and goes to their local dealer...... tries a Martin bow, likes it, buys it, shoots it well and enjoys it then it's a success. But if someone walks in to a shop and buys one just because of the picture then well..... there you go. The gene pool is shrinking. ;)

I was just surprised to see that the publishers are getting negative feedback. I know that we as archers have beat this horse to the ground here. This was the reason for my starting this thread...... just as an "FYI", not to start a war all over again. :eek:

Jerry and 12pointer...... she's asleep :D I'm harmless and she knows it....

After 13 years of marriage I'm like a bulldog chasing a bus..... even if I could actually catch one I wouldn't know what to do with it....... maybe just tinkle on the tire or something :D
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e-msolutions said:
On the one hand, it's advertised with Mr. Universe, thong clad and oiled down.

I see that you've seen me in the old days....... :D
Bo...shows how little you know...

At least Mathews bows are something you can shoot archery with....can't shoot archery with a set of breast.... ;) :eek: :eek:

3Dmama can shoot archery with a set of breasts....... :eek: :D

Good post bowtie...... and thanx for the compliment. Not used to that from you.... :p

Todd is correct. There's some new things in the program for Team BowTech and we plan to make quite a splash in the coming year. Though I've never met Todd face to face, he's been very honest and forthright with me from day 1....... and as a staffer that means a lot. We intend to represent BowTech in a positive light...... And have signed the dotted line agreeing to do just that.

Of course everyone knows how I feel about Pat. My kids had the luggage tags he gave them on their school backpacks last year when I was shooting for that "other" manufacturer. If we all had Pat's outlook on archery we'd be more popular than football :cool:

As far as innovations go........ I don't think ANY of us would have sponsorship deals if it weren't for Mathews setting the original standard. I can't speak much on the spottie venues but Mathews has done a lot toward staff programs when it comes to 3D...... and I don't think that anyone can argue with that :)

That said, I've been begging and pleading for Pat to sneak me in his suitcase to roll with him to the NFR....... I come from a long line of rodeo'ers...... and I'm a true mutton buster at heart. :D Pat's gotta have the coolest job in the world..... :cool: From the outside looking in anyway ;)
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onebowtie said:
heck, for that matter....didnt victorias secret just used to be a small mail order company????

Victoria ain't got many secrets left...... :D Plenty of it occupies my wife's pajama drawer and is totally covered in dust and rust..... :rolleyes:
tomcat said:

What's that have to do with the Martin Ad? :confused:

Dude..... if I switched manufacturers everytime a bulb burned out of a flashlight I've ever owned I'd be walking around the woods with a book of matches.....

And smokey don't like that one bit...... ;)
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