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Elite Archery ~ What is the latest?

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I am very curious if people are recieving the bows they ordered. Our local dealer has recieved exactly 2 bows. He has 20 or so people waiting for them.

What is the wait time? Are people happy with them?

Has anyone heard about the changes in the 07 bows? Are they planning on using a "Binary" cam? Can they even use it?
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Danny279 said:
They must. I talked to the supposed local dealer a week or so back and he still has not recieved one bow, and also said that noone would return his calls. He has had them on order for over four months. He was on the verge of canceling but I don't know for sure if he did. Terrible in my opinion.

I tend to not believe this. Everytime I call I'm able to reach someone. Tell him to call until he reaches a live person. If nobody picks up , listen to the menu then hit 4 for sales. Someone (Donna) always picks that one up.
Danny279 said:
I'm not about to question this mans integrity.... and I'm personally not that concerned if you don't believe it (not trying to sound like a jerk). All I know is that's what he told me. I do, however, know that he and myself, personally, have been lied to repeatedly over the phone and in e-mails by everyone at Elite and that is a FACT! So if your asking if I think he's making this up or if it's true and noone is returning his calls.....I'll base my opinion on a trust issue I have...I think I'll take his word for it! If you'd like to question him...feel free. He's the only dealer listed in MS.
Sorry, didn't mean to come off like that. I'm really not questioning anyone's integrity. It's just that I've called probably 30 times and got someone (usually Donna) every time but 1. They do seem to have trouble answering emails and actually that one time I left a message, they didn't call back. I just called the next day and got someone. Usually the best time to call is from 10:00 am til noon, and 2:00 pm to about 4:00 pm. Remember, that's Pacific time. People there are wearing more than one hat and I think they have a lot going on right now. Things will get better as time goes on.
T-LaBee said:
So far I think 2 people have responded that they actually have one...Any more?
I also have one in E-Leaf Brown. Fastest bow I've ever owned ( and that includes an '05 Allegiance). Smooth, fast, laminated limbs, Winners Choice strings, everything I wanted in a bow!
1 - 3 of 106 Posts
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