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Elite Archery ~ What is the latest?

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I am very curious if people are recieving the bows they ordered. Our local dealer has recieved exactly 2 bows. He has 20 or so people waiting for them.

What is the wait time? Are people happy with them?

Has anyone heard about the changes in the 07 bows? Are they planning on using a "Binary" cam? Can they even use it?
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I've had several E-500's and sold every one. I do track my customers and how they like certain products. Two complaints, no quiver and cable guard stuff,(coming loose,easy fix/ cable slide). Other than that they love the bow. I have '07's on order now.
Chance said:
The Latest for me is my bows shoot great and I can't wait for hunting season.
So far so good for me also.
T-LaBee said:
There are 120+ dealers listed on their website.
IF,...they are producing 40 bows a month (as previously guesstimated) and many people here have stated that they have ordered their bows direct...then it is not a big surprise that dealers are waiting for bows...

If my math is third of the shops listed will get 1 bow each month. Oh...wait...I forgot about direct orders...
I was told No more direct orders. We'll see:confused:
You heard right. I think:zip:
1 - 4 of 106 Posts
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