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Elite Archery ~ What is the latest?

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I am very curious if people are recieving the bows they ordered. Our local dealer has recieved exactly 2 bows. He has 20 or so people waiting for them.

What is the wait time? Are people happy with them?

Has anyone heard about the changes in the 07 bows? Are they planning on using a "Binary" cam? Can they even use it?
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I've had one on order since mid-May...bow shop had no clue as of last week, or was it the week before...don't remember when I called :confused:

said I could get it quicker if I went with the non-camo riser(which I did)....nothing by the end of August I'll have to go with something else

From what I was told they got 2 bows in....and have alot more on order(I think mostly to sell) and then mine is in that group also

I think they just got blown out the water with orders....guess a Bowtech upgrade is popular after all....
I called to cancel mine and turns out it was shipped yesterday..Energy 60lb

black riser, black limbs, black sideplates....gonna go nice with a black interior double bull blind :)
Danny279 said:
Well Dave, obviously you aren't one of the MANY that have been repeatedly lied to about getting an Elite bow. An aweful lot of empty promises is as close as most people have seen to an Elite. Heck I was being nice when I said 12....In my area there are ZERO. By the way....What exactly does it take to be one of the chosen few?
wait longer :tongue:

anyone know how long it takes for a bow to go from Walla Walla, WA to Dallas, TX.....I'm guessing Fed Ex Ground.... 5-7 business days????
Danny279 said:
It's been 4-5 months around these parts...maybe Mississippi doesn't have FedEx yet. We just got electricity a few months ago.

And to clarify....I was attempting to be funny in my response to L-Train. I guess some people are highly sensative to this subject matter.....To those...I apologize!
highly sensitive or lack of wit on your part :tongue:

I work with a guy from Mississippi....he is stoked to go home this weekend...they got phone service and electricity to their neck of the woods...

I always loved Mississippi growing kept Louisiana from being last in EVERYTHING :)

thanks for the time frame....JB
Danny279 said:
Wit is one of the few things I have...Please don't take that away from me!

Now pass the gumbo....AAAHHHHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I keep telling people the same thing....

of course over here they think gumbo is a pile of rice with chunks of tomato on top :confused:

guess I should be glad they used rice instead of beans :tongue:
Danny279 said:
OK...I officially have to highjack this thread for just a second and ask.....What the :devil: are you all doing up at this time? I have no choice as I am at work....hard at it, as you can tell. Just thought I'd ask.
I got off of work at 11:48PM..that is when the last chicken passed my position

I went to wal-mart....helped a lady load her car...she had two buggies...she works for the USDA at another chicken plant...

I am reading Petersen's Bowhunting(october)....fresh off the rack

I also have an accelerated heart rate and can't sleep just yet due to:

1. Reading a hunting magazine with bow season coming up
2. Elite Energy that should hit Dallas and then get mailed to me any day now
3. Just downed a Vanilla Frappuccino :)
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what in the world is danny doing looking at elites anway...he has a bowtech or two or three :wink:
i guess I'll sleep when my bow comes in....

Jose's lesson in sunday school in 6 hours..."How Not To Sleep" :rolleyes:
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