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Elite Archery ~ What is the latest?

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I am very curious if people are recieving the bows they ordered. Our local dealer has recieved exactly 2 bows. He has 20 or so people waiting for them.

What is the wait time? Are people happy with them?

Has anyone heard about the changes in the 07 bows? Are they planning on using a "Binary" cam? Can they even use it?
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Hard to keep up building 40 or less bows a month:)
One local dealer in this area who bought into a protected dealership in Feb. Got one bow. As of 7-1, He never said he had trouble talking to anyone, but evidently it didn't help. He told me he was done with them. The other 2 dealers in this area (neither a protected dealer) never even got one bow. Neither cares now. It is not hard to figure why Elites bows shipped to a majority of individuals versus dealers. For Elite it is either collect $400 or $600, which would you choose. I never had a bow ordered direct. I ordered one through a dealer in Early Feb. I got a lot sweeter price. That dealer never did get the bow with my specs. I wonder why:) A company that does not take care and build a good dealer network will have trouble surviving;)
T-LaBee said:
or the truth?
Depends on when you want to say they started building bows, but my guess is they have not averaged that since Feb. and that's more than an educated guess;)
T-LaBee said:
Lets just say that they have sent out 250 bows since many of those went to dealers? Direct customers?

How many can they build before the August 31st cutoff?

Are they building the new ones yet? Have they even designed them yet?
I heard they are looking for temps. Maybe to help build bows. I am sure they will do everything in their power to deplete parts getting bows out the door before the cutoff date:)
Meleagris1 said:
Have you seen one? Shot one? I guess that comes direct from Kevin? He has been awful truthful with ATer's:)
I might want a piece of that action:) I think that is the same chair Juano posted pics on AT of;) That bow must not of kicked all the butt he was blowing about after all. Just curious why you think it isn't his? The location matches up too.:)
onebowtie said:
the lastest ive heard from the gossip here at the ibo that not one competitor here has one......and that they will soon be available for viewing in the ARCHERYHISTORY SECTION
You jest?:eek: :eek:
Chupacabras said:
"I might want a piece of that action"
No problem. Do you have your check books ready?
Somebody is posting Juano's bow on Ebay? You didn't answer why you think that is not his. Somebody else already bought it?
Samuel Parker said:
Here's a quote from post # 94 of the following thread:

I also turn Aluminum into chips and specialize in production runs specifically for the archery industry. I have signed agreements with the pResident, cEo and promises from their affiliates or representatives. I don't have my calls answered (cell phone) or messages (to company via land line) returned and emails ignored. I have a whole lot of parts like mods and cams (wheres my bow--old threads)and from reading all these threads, I think I know why.

If you are a manufacturer, all I can say is stick with the top 10, maybe 5 Archery companies and if you pick up a spin off---CASH ONLY !!! PM's accepted from you know who

If Kevin payed his suppliers, you might be able to get the mods you need.

Is this why they are switching to powder coating now?

Are dipping suppliers not being paid either?; since it was admitted to in court that he lied about having an in house facility because it "sounded better".
Kevin lied on AT:eek: :eek:
Chupacabras said:
I am not talking about Juanno's bow. The bet is Durocab will get his brand new bow from Elite.
O who cares:rolleyes: He is past due:) He can post it in the Archery History section:eek: Just kiddin you Ol' fence straddler. Buy what you want! Most people do;)
Chupacabras said:
Duro allready has his bow. Mine arrived today, will be picking it up in the morning.
I seen a guy driving an Edsel the other day;)
Chupacabras said:
"I seen a guy driving an Edsel the other day". Were you looking in the rearview mirror?:eek:
Your right he was behind me, way behind me very quick:ROFLMAO:
Durocab1 said:
I did say top 3 didn't I?

Bowtech at my shop $750.00.. No that does not include my prostaff shooter discount just what avg. Joe would pay walking in.

If you are paying $750 you or anybody walking in the door needs to find another shop or move. Wow!! I couldn't afford a new bow at those prices:eek:
Durocab1 said:
The big 3 need's to start thinking about the working man!
So do all the Texas oil men ;) 1 months worth of gas and I can almost buy a new Bowtech:)
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