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Up for sale is one of the best bows that Elite has produced - the Elite Energy 32 and selling at $460 TYD. This is a mint condition (9/10) 2014 model, which Elite produced during 2014 - 2016 and all 3 years had the same specifications.

Elite Energy 32
7" Brace Height
31.75" ATA
27" DL (adjustable by module)
60 lbs limbs - Maxes out at 62 lbs
IBO 293 FPS - 335 FPS
4.3 lbs Mass Weight

Comes with the following:
Realtree Max-1 Camo
Tru-Glu Carbon XS Sight
Matching Treelimb one piece quiver
Whisker Biscuit rest

The Elite Energy 32 is one of the most shootable bows ever produced and features their unique caged riser. Very smooth draw cycle, solid backwall, vibration free, and deadly quiet. I never even used a stabilizer on this bow as it did not need any help with the noise reduction and the balance is great without the use of a stabilizer. This particular bow is in almost mint condition 9/10 and is one of the best bows I have ever owned. Time to start thinning out the collection, so opting to part ways with the Energy 32. I am positive that you will enjoy using this bow and love the shootability of this particular Elite model.

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