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For Sale

Elite Synergy
OD Green riser, black limbs
70Lb limbs
I have the following draw modules
SY9B (27")
SY5T (29")
SY7T (28")
SY6T (28.5") currently installed

Bow is well taken care of, I am the second owner. Only cosmetic flaw would be the set screw mark under the rest (not visible). It has the factory strings which do have sings of wear, but plenty of life left on them.

Bow is being sold with limb driver rest only. The other accessories in the photo are not included unless otherwise negotiated. Can do bare bow also, or a complete setup with stabilizers, sight, etc. if someone is looking to get into the sport.

Would like to get $325TYD - For that price I would include the limb driver rest as shown in the photos. Not sure exact model of the rest.


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