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Elk guru's what do you think...

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Brings a cow into estrus. I've been pondering this subject for awhile. One guy told me it has to due with the weather, another one tells me it is the amount of daylight hours that triggers a hormone (I think he's onto something). One guy even told me it had to due with the amount of precipitation your area has recieved :eek: . And the best one of all, he tell's me that it has to due with global warming:confused: .

Does it happen at the exact same time every year? Is it the smell of a cow in estrus that triggers the bull into going nuts or is it the same thing that triggers both a cow and a bull?
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I attended a seminar at the local Bass Pro. The pro - staff guy that was giving the seminar told us it was the amount of daylight. As the daylight hours decrease it triggers the hormones which also begins to harden the antlers. He basically told us a buck is in rut at the instant he sheds his antlers. Although, there may not be any does in cycle at that time for the rut to be in full swing. Hope that helps...
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