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Elk hunt planning help

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Hey let me say first this site is a life saver, I am in Iraq for anouther 4 months, over half way done and I have the itch real bad to be in the woods with my bow but that will have to wait till next season. My question is my hunting partner and I are trying to start planning a trip for next Sep to elk hunt, nither one of us have ever been. What we am looking for is a place with lots of elk(we are not trophy hunting I would take a cow in a heart beat) that we can get to(Co) is were we were looking to go and were we can get an over the counter tag. I would apriciate any advice on were to look(I know you don't want to give up your hony hole) general area with the number of elk being more important for posibly better opratunity at a shot. I would also apriciate any help with web sites for information. Thanks a lot to all of you who keep this site going it realy keeps me up on what is going on back home. Thanks for any advice you can give.
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No...Thank You!!! For what you are doing for Us!!!

Hey, one of the first places you need to contact will be the fish and game in Colorado. You can get some great info from them. Talk to forestry service for maps. will give you all the topo and aerial maps you need for 19.95 year member ship. I have just finished scouting out a spot in Idaho for the end of this month. 6 months of planning, and we are going to have a blast.

I hunted Colorado 2 years ago and shot a cow on the first evening of a 7 day hunt. I was drawn for a restricted unit my first year. Got lucky!! The unit right beside the mountain I hunted was OTC unit #214.

I can't remember the restricted units # off the top of my head but the mountain was Quaker mountain. Lots of elk, the Route National Forest has a huge herd,16,000 animals or so. This was north of Hayden Colorado.

What would I do?? Put in for a draw tag in a unit in that area. You guys can put in as a group. You will earn points if you aren't drawn. If you aren't drawn you can buy an OTC tag and still find elk.

The draw back in the spot we hunted was the number of hunters. If you can find a local person that can give you info on private ground bordering BLM you can get access for a fee and get away from the mobs somewhat. This was a completely do it yourself hunt, first time for all 3 of us and 2 of us came back with elk. Don't be afraid to call and ask lots of Questions!!

Information will come from some of the most surprising places. This Idaho hunt was sealed when I called a meat butcher asking for cost of storing meat, and he ended up telling me where 3 different herds of elk with bulls are hanging out right now. He named the drainages and gave me road directions!!!!

You are more than capable of doing an elk hunt on your own IF you prepare yourself and do you're own leg work. Good maps and a GPS are a must if you are getting of the beaten path!!

Have fun researching.
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