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Elongated vs hooded peep question ???

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For years I have shot hooded speciality archery peeps with clarifier. I see most using elongated peeps nowadays… why? Is there a benefit? Maybe For glare… am I missing out on something here.
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Tim Gillingham was the first I know of that used shrink tubing to elongate his peep. Later came the Peep N Tom, a elongated peep that accepts Archery Specialty orifices. About the same time Archery Specialty advertised the elongated peep and shrink tubing for peeps. Archery Specialty calls it a Peep Shade, more like it is.

The Peep N Tom was last list in the 2019-2020 Lancaster Catalog. Possibly still availabe, but would have to call Lancaster.

I tried the shrink tubing. If anything it seemed to give a cleaner view down range. Once I changed peeps I never went with the tubing again. Some say it prevented glare in the peep, helpful prehaps if using a clarifier or verifier.

Like kballer1 noted, if not straight at full draw you'll have problems seeing.

I've spoke with some that use the elongated peep. They liked them but told of if it doesn't come straight at full draw you're screwed.

Peep N Tom ------- Hamskea ---------- Archery Specialty. Hamskea and Archery Specialty were designed for both 37 and 45 degrees. Peep N Tom, you had to order either 37 or 45 degrees.

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A bit over done, but said it worked - hooded peep and shrink tubing.

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